Privacy policy

Privacy policy:

In short, it’s a legal and Trustable statement or document we can say. In which you got an idea that how and where your data is been used share and gone.

Please! read privacy policy carefully.

Your personal information is been collect in various ways while You use or access our website on browser, Data collect such as email id, address, contact or mobile number, full name, credit or debit card information that you may enter while registering, interacting or surfing online.

Purpose of Collection:

  • To fulfill request of user
  • implementation to the Services for better outcome.
  • Improving our Products and Services as per user feedback and reviews
  • For advertise and Marketing strategy
  • Communication between community to user
  • Legal Compliance as per (CCPA) California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Personal identification fraud & securities
  • To enhance our analysis and research more effective

Main purpose is to provides users with valuable information about the impact of data collection practices on their privacy rights and allows them to make informed choices about sharing their personal information.

How protect your information:

We gave a commitment that if you enter any data in it’s our responsibility that from our side we couldn't care less and don’t do any mistake that create any nuisance or problem we kept your data safe and keep in good storage and from that we get a result as security that will not allow unauthorized access and your data is will be safe.

However, We can’t guarantee the security of any information obtained through unauthorized person entry or use, software failure, and other factors such as hardware failure and all so to prevent it you don’t allow any unauthorized access to your device if you allow it’s up to you and compromise  against your private data so  It is important for you to prevent unauthorized access to Your account by limiting access to Your device such on pc, laptops and smart phone.

How we use collected information:

To communicate with you, we may use one information to customize our services and more useful as per reviews and preference of customers. With your information of data its easy for us to notify you that what’s our community brings new with the facility of periodic SMS and through E-mail (electronic mail).

We may use your email address and contact number to send user administrative and important information, changes in account settings, changes to our good and services or updating new policies related to your order.

Sharing of information:

User information is not share to any fraud or third person without scanning that the person is reliable or trustful and only share if the person is such as service providers, business partners.

User rights:

Here we explain user all rights such as their personal information, correct, and delete data, as well as options for opting out of certain data collection or processing activities.

Policy changes:

We notify whenever we change, update or reform a new policy.

Data retention:

In this we explain you that how much time period your data is been kept or achieved and what is the procedure and method to destroy it, In short we show here a time period against user data.


 Security against unauthorized person and decline them to access your data or information with SSL (secure socket layer).

Legal Compliance:

Information on community or company that follow all rules and regulation according to the law.

Web browser cookies:

We even use "cookies" in our site to upgrade or increase user experience. It’s a small and tiny file placed in your hard drive with permission only, cookies help us to analysis traffic or monitor pages and from them we got idea on user like and dis-likes by remembering their information and preferences.

Moreover, one got two option either accept or decline cookies, but manually modify setting to decline is also there! neither allow unknow to access your computer information nor share data to any third person about you, rather than the data you choose to share with relevant person or community. In short cookies help us to provide better performance in website.